Elianita's Bed and Breakfast in Växjö


Bed & Breakfast


Östra Ringvägen 34

352 40 Växjö



+46 70 690 8474





From the railway station and travel center (bus terminal), by foot

Elianitas Bed and Breakfast GPS-coordinates:
Östra Ringvägen 34 Lat: N 56º 52' 28.13"
352 40 Växjö Long: E 14º 49' 17.86"
tel: 070-690 8474



Easiest way

Go straight up from the station along Klostergatan until you reach the main street (Storgatan). Turn to the right and follow Storgatan until it ends (physically, never mind it changes name twice). When it ends you are in the middle of the suburb Öster, at a park with a large oak tree and some swings for the kids. Follow the street to the right onto Östra Ringvägen, and go down to the last villa, number 34, on the right side before the apartment buildings.



Shortest way

Follow Norra Järnvägsgatan to the east, towards the cathedral, cross over Linnégatan into the park Linnéparken. Follow the paths straight through the park and then to the right. Do not walk under the railway, but follow the asphalt path between the railway and the road to Teleborg. When you have climbed the slope continue to the traffic lights, and cross the road Teleborgsvägen, onto Alegatan. Walk past the pizzeria and the speed bump, and turn left on the third road, Östra Ringvägen. Elianitas is in the grey-white villa in the corner of the second block, just after the apartment buildings, in number 34.






You may book via telephone:

+46 70 690 8474


or via e-mail:


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